Engine and Transmission System – 2 Day Workshop

Learn live mechanism of engine and transmission system with Industry professionals….


It is a 2 day workshop in which we will make the students to understand the working &; principle of Engine & Transmission System. Students who perusing their engineering can learn about the importance of studying Engineering mechanics, Design of Machine Elements and Mechanics of Material implementing calculations. This program will focus on the Dynamic simulation and understanding of working principle of engine and transmission of an automobile.

This workshop consists of four sections:


A. Understanding basics of automobile

B. Working principle of different components of vehicle & brief discussion on vehicle dynamics.

C. Safety measures to be undertaken by students during working in workshop.


A. Fundamental design discussion of engine

B. Parameters listing

C. Engine selection process

D. Working of SI and CI engine.

E. Construction of an engine (Cooling system, Lubrication

F. system, Intake system, Exhaust system, Turbochargers, Superchargers)

G. Construction of Engine block, Piston and other assemblies.

H. Engine control system,

I. Disassembly and assembly with full explanation of each component of Engine.

J. EGR, Construction of catalytic

K. Intake system, Pre-heater, Supercharger, Turbo-charger.

L. Calculation of Bore, Stroke, Compression ratio and power of an Engine.

M. Discussion of Torque VS RPM curve.

N. Power VS RPM Curve.


A. Goal and purpose.

B. Components of transmission.

C. Clutch, Clutch plate, Pressure plate, Release bearing, actuation system,

D. Construction of clutch plate and calculation of surface area and friction coefficient.

E. Hydraulic actuated clutch system

F. Manual transmission.

G. Automatic transmission.

H. Differential, Working principle, Purpose and Calculations.

I. Drive shaft design, Gear design.

J. Tire selection and effect on performance on various vehicles.

K. Key points to improve the transmission system performance.

L. Key points for effective transmission design.

M. Calculation of Uphill, Downhill, Grad-ability, Gear ratio, Maximum speed and Acceleration.

N. traction of vehicle, speed calculation at various gear ratio and their characteristics

O. Speed Vs Torque curve.


A. Discussion/knowledge about the preparation for different student competitions/racing championships/Events where students can represent their college/university globally.

B. Racing Techniques.

C. General knowledge about the events like ATV championships, Formulae Racing, Go

Karts, Quad Racing, Rallies, Bike racing championships.

D. Discussion about the different international Automotive Competition Rulebooks.

E. To make students develop Teamwork, extract Leadership Qualities within them.

F. To develop marketing skills like arrangement of funds for their projects.


INR 1200 per student (including all taxes)



2. Internet Banking


Note: Payment other than PAYTM, Internet Banking, and NEFT/RTGS will be accepted.

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